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Author, The Dandelion Cloud


…"the root of all wisdom comes from having loved someone" claims Evelyn Waugh in Brideshead Revisited.  Decades ago, as I was writing what would become my novel, The Dandelion Cloud, I saw it as the perfect summation of that book – that only by loving someone does the main character, Justin, finally reach a place where he can confront the truth about himself and what he feels. 


Now, all these years later as the novel finally makes it into print, however, I see that statement as something much larger:  that only by focusing love and attention on something can we truly understand it.  Whether it be a poem, a photo or a story, you have to love a thing to really bring it into focus.  That love, that focus, and that eventual understanding, is what I hope to achieve through all my work.

Dale Boyer was born in Moline, Illinois.  He attended Blackburn College (B.A.), The University of Wisconsin-Madison (M.A.), and Vermont College (M.F.A.).  His work has appeared in such publications as The Writer's Chronicle, The Windy City Times, The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review, and many other publications. He is married to Scot O'Hara and currently lives in Chicago.

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